We are
true to our values

We share principles and values


Transparency in the way we operate, respect towards our clients and meeting our commitments, are the foundations of our business.


We provide the highest value and respect to the privacy of our clients’ information as a source of trust.


We focus our efforts in truly understanding the essence and particularities of each situation. We focus on long term relationships and value diversity as a source of wealth.


Our always independent analysis allows third parties to gain an unbiased view on the financial and strategic position of any business.

Our history

Finae Partners was founded in 2009 by Ignacio and Alejandro Magro with the aim of helping small and medium sized companies, which in those days, were immersed in the deep Spanish financial crisis and in need of assessing their financial requirements to survive. Few years later Daniel Paredero and José Carmona joined the project, with the same ambitions and values.

The wealth provided by the diversity of the four partners’ working experience has enabled Finae Partners to innovate, to keep on growing and gaining prestige, and of course, to feel proud of providing value to many entrepreneurs in the financial, corporate governance, change manangement and family succession fields.


Years of history