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Who we work with

Family businesses

Medium-sized companies are the core of our business.  We help  them in M&A processes, in their growth strategy and in the search of financing for their projects. We design roadmaps to improve their corporate governance, to implement family succession plans and the change management programs required for their success.

Automotive dealers and similar businesses/ franchises

We help dealers analyzing their financial status and potential evolution in the short and medium term. We advise them in the search and negotiation of the necessary funding sources to undertake their expansion plans. We advise them on M&A processes and in the search of synergies and consolidation projects.  We also develop and implement easy to use management tools to monitor their financial KPIs. In addition, we help dealers in the design of plans to improve corporate governance, family succession and change management.

Financial institutions

We collaborate with more than 15 financial institutions, through ad-hoc analysis to help them in their investment decisions and risk control.

Automotive manufacturers and other sectors

We are specialized on evaluating the dealer network financial situation and their individual capacity for growth and investment. We also coordinate and advise on M&A processes to optimize the network.  We provide training for entrepreneurs and managers as well,  focusing on the importance of gaining financial visibility and implementing a right KPI monitoring tool pack in order to achieve business goals and a positive evolution of the business and its intrinsic value.