Our industry expertise

FINAE Automotive has a deep understanding of the automobile industry from both the dealer’s point of view and from the manufacturer´s marketing and sales Divisions point of view.

We have developed excellent relations with most of the Manufacturer’s  Sales and Marketing Divisions operating in the market as well as their dealer networks to help improving their financial planning for growth

We are also in permanent contact with potential investors in the sector, with whom we have carried out several transactions.

We are also involved in training. In this field FINAE has trained more than 250 entrepreneurs and dealer managers in the areas of financial visibility in business management.

Our areas of expertise are as follows:

To dealers
  • Assess the financial situation and requirements to cope with growth in both the short and medium term.
  • Assist in the search and negotiation of financing sources required to undertake growth plans.
  • Coordinate and advise on dealer’s sale and purchase processes, as well as searching for potential investors and assist in the negotiation process.
  • Develop and implement management tools and KPIs that facilitate the financial visibility of the business model in the short and medium term.
To the Sales and Marketing Organizations of the manufacturers
  • Assess the financial strength of dealers and their capacity for growth and investment.
  • Coordinate and advise on dealer’s sale and purchase processes, as well as finding and negotiating with potential investors.
  • Train entrepreneurs and managers on the financial topics required to achieve the required goals and consistently increase business value.

Relevant news


Dividends: Part Finance, Part Psychology
July 4, 2017

If a company values the ability to distribute dividends, it should consider several factors that go beyond the financial aspect. Psychological behavior also plays a role, which tends to take on greater importance when establishing a proper dividend policy. If a company is profitable, has cash and does not know how to invest it for […]

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Mercedes-Benz chief Gary Savage: ‘Prepare for direct sales’
July 3, 2017

Mercedes-Benz franchisees have been challenged to think hard about their business opportunities when manufacturer direct sales take off. UK chief executive Gary Savage believes it is “an inevitability” that carmakers’ national sales companies will take on direct sales of new cars to consumers in the future, but he is convinced it is not a threat […]

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Amazon ‘recruiting car sales executives’ ahead of UK pilot scheme
June 19, 2017

Amazon could be set to pilot online car sales in the UK after its UK sector boss admitted car sales executives were already being recruited in preparation for the scheme. E-commerce delivery expert ParcelHero issued a warning to UK car retailers after producing a report into the strategy of the burgeoning online retailer which highlighted […]

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Online car sales could spark 27,000 dealership jobs losses within a decade
May 17, 2017

Car dealers are being urged to move with the time in a bid to avoid a predicted trend which could see online car sales lead to the loss of 27,000 automotive sales jobs by 2027. Research from online review community Trustpilot and the Centre for Economics and Business (Cebr) reveals motorists looking for a new […]

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Dividendos: una cuestión financiera y psicológica
April 17, 2017

Ignacio Magro, profesor de IE y socio fundador de Finae Partners Si una compañía valora la posibilidad de repartir dividendos, debe tener en cuenta varios factores que no son solo financieros. También influyen comportamientos psicológicos que en muchas ocasiones pesan más a la hora de establecer una correcta política de dividendos. Si una empresa genera […]

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VW Group’s retail company to sell 275 dealerships
March 23, 2017

Volkswagen Group’s retail chain, Porsche Holding Salzburg, one of Europe’s biggest dealer groups, is selling 275 sales locations to Emil Frey Group to concentrate on selling cars only from VW Group’s 12 brands. The acquisition will likely move Emil Frey into the top spot among Europe’s independent groups. Last year the Swiss group was No. […]

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Super Group expands UK presence with Essex Auto Group acquisition
March 15, 2017

South Africa-based Super Group has acquired Essex Auto Group in a deal which will see it add to its existing Allen Ford network of dealerships for an undisclosed fee. Essex Auto Group staff were informed of the deal in a meeting with management at the group’s Dunton headquarters on Monday night and Super Group’s chief financial officer, […]

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Airbus Pop.Up: hacia la tercera dimensión
March 14, 2017

En los próximos años, el transporte terrestre avanzará hasta el siguiente nivel y, además de ser común, autónomo y estar conectado, pasará también a ser multimodal y se encaminará hacia la tercera dimensión. La empresa aeroespacial Airbus, con la colaboración de la automovilística Italdesign, han presentado en el Salón del automóvil de Ginebra 2017 ‘Pop.Up’, […]

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Guest Opinion: Time to plug in? The impact of electric vehicles on the asset value of the UK car dealerships
February 2, 2017

It’s a safe bet that consumers will eventually swap their fossil fuel powered vehicles for electric models. Electrical transport in some form does seem to be the future of the automotive industry. According to International Energy Data in 2009 there were fewer than 6,000 electric cars on the road across 40 countries. In 2015 this […]

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Uber strikes deal with Daimler to add self-driving Mercedes-Benz to fleet

Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] has signed another deal with a major automaker as the popular ride service accelerates efforts to build out one of the world’s first fleets of autonomous vehicles. Uber on Tuesday announced a partnership with Germany’s Daimler AG (DAIGn.DE), maker of the luxury Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks. In the coming years, Daimler plans […]

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